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Liability Insurance FAQ
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Wedding Liability Insurance

Most couples planning a wedding purchase event insurance, but they often forget the most important form of coverage, which is wedding liability insurance. These are two separate forms of coverage, although some companies do combine the two into one policy. Liability coverage for a wedding is essential. Most couples wind up filing claims on liability issues instead of missed or flubbed details of the wedding.

It is important first to understand what liability coverage entails and event insurance does not. Event insurance alone only covers details related to the event that go wrong, such as dead flowers or rain for an outdoor wedding. Liability insurance covers incidents that happen in which the couple could be sued. For example, if sound equipment is rented and a child guest attending the wedding breaks it, the couple would be liable to the owners of the equipment. Liability coverage would ensure they don't have to pay for it.

Wedding Liability Insurance - Alcohol Coverage

There is another very important form of wedding liability insurance to have - alcohol liability coverage. This will ensure that any accidents or injuries that guests who are drinking cause to others will be covered. It is difficult to moderate and regulate alcohol consumption at a wedding reception. Most couples don't think of this aspect, but it happens more often than any other type of accident.

Most insurance plans of this nature are not very costly. Some are customizable, depending on the insurance company that prepares them. There are usually specific provisions, naming exact types of services that are covered. For example, there is usually a provision for equipment rental damage, personal property damage and bodily harm.

Wedding Liability Insurance - Rates 

The rates for these policies vary, but the more detailed and specific they are, the more expensive they also are. Simple policies are best for simple weddings. Those who plan on a lengthy guest list, an outdoor venue or an extravagant reception should be sure to purchase enough coverage that all details of the event are thoroughly covered.

Wedding liability insurance companies are usually quick about providing coverage. Most offer overnight approval or coverage within 24 hours of payment. Couples can choose from a variety of pricing structures, depending on how much personal coverage they want. It is always best to have a high aggregate amount. It is often difficult to determine what will happen and if an occurrence will result in injury to hired help at the wedding.