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Liability Insurance FAQ
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Student Liability Insurance

Student liability insurance is a special form of coverage that protects students who provide professional services to people or animals. Students who are in fields such as veterinary science, medical school, nursing programs, dental programs, accounting programs, embalming classes or architecture classes must all purchase liability coverage. Insurance will protect them from lawsuits stemming from alleged negligence or accidents.

Since students are still learning and are not licensed professionals, their coverage is more "forgiving." Everyone knows that humans make mistakes and students will always make them. However, some accidents may result in lawsuits. For example, if a student who is practicing embalming is negligent and shaves a man's beard off without family permission, the family may sue. The student would need to have coverage for this, even though the funeral home is liable.

Student Liability Insurance Tips

Many educational institutions and places where students are allowed to practice their clinical work must purchase their own form of student insurance. Their coverage is much different, as it provides minimal protection for the individual student, but fully protects the company from being blamed. Essentially, the institution's policy may actually be more detrimental than helpful to a student.

Student liability insurance is best purchased in an individual policy. No aspiring professional who is still in school should assume that the school or clinical institution is providing complete coverage. Some lawsuits have a tendency to be very expensive, depending on the field of study. For example, a medical student may face a lawsuit for giving the wrong medicine or even wrongfully causing a death.

Student Liability Insurance - What You Should Know

Companies that provide coverage for students usually compensate only for specific events, based on the profession the student is going into. These professional liability policies usually include a maximum dollar amount, which is the aggregate amount. This is how much is allowed during the life or cycle of the insurance policy.

There is also a per-incident maximum amount. This is the amount that the company will pay for any damages resulting from the student's negligence or an accident. In most cases, the amount is between 1/3 and 1/5 of the aggregate amount. Any bills beyond the per-incident allowance for one incident will be the personal responsibility of the student. Rarely does this happen, but when it does, the educational and clinical institutions are never presented with the bill. This is why it is crucial for all professional students to have thorough student liability insurance.