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Liability Insurance FAQ
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Special Events Liability Insurance

Special events liability insurance is an important form of coverage that provides compensation for weather-related damage, injuries and a wide variety of other occurrences during temporary events. Companies or organizations that hold a temporary event where large crowds are expected to participate need insurance in the event that something bad happens.

There are many different companies that sell this vital form of coverage. Depending on the company, provisions vary. Some companies compensate based on occurrences. For this type of coverage, there is a simple flat rate payable per-occurrence. There is also a total number of occurrences allowed, as well as a maximum dollar amount. Most insurance companies who offer special event coverage have several different choices for the dollar amounts and occurrence numbers.

Special Events Liability Insurance Tips

Some companies that sell special events liability insurance compensate based on certain things that happen. For example, a company may offer coverage for products, personal injury, premises damage, liquor liability issues and advertising injury. Each company has specific provisions for these and some may be more detailed than others. It is always important to read the fine print.

Examples of items covered in a typical policy, whether occurrence or otherwise, are contractual liability, additional co-sponsors added at no cost, divided limits for personal injury occurrences, inclusive coverage for volunteers or lessors, coverage for medical expenses stemming from failure to provide first aid to employees or volunteers, assembly or disassembly of equipment and events of terrorism.

Special Events Liability Insurance - Forms of Coverage

Most insurance companies also offer additional forms of coverage for special events. Third-party damage, spectator or participant medical benefits, participant legal liability, rain and weather, event cancellation, flood or earthquake, rented equipment or props, boiler or machinery, automobile and director’s or officer’s insurance coverage may also be chosen. Some companies offer one or more of these additional coverages, as well as an umbrella policy option.

Special events liability insurance coverage is perfect for large weddings, concerts, political gatherings, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, sales, shows, theater productions, sporting events, religious gatherings and large parties. Companies that offer this coverage usually require advance planning and payment, especially for the most detailed plans. When planning to purchase event insurance, always have the details of the event on hand before making arrangements. Presence of liquor, the location of the event, whether it is indoor or outdoor, the expected number of guests and workers and the nature of the gathering are all very important things the insurance company needs to know.