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Liability Insurance FAQ
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Dog Liability Insurance

Dog owners take on a number of responsibilities. Most of these relate to the welfare of the dog. They must take steps to provide adequate food and shelter for their dog, schedule regular veterinary visits, and generally ensure that their pooch leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, many dog owners overlook the fact that they are also responsible for their dog’s behavior. They believe that once their dog has completed some obedience training and can follow some basic commands, their responsibility for this aspect is at an end. The reality is that the dog’s owner can be held financially responsible if their dog causes harm to a person or to another person’s property. That’s why responsible dog owners purchase dog liability insurance.

Dog Liability Insurance - What You Should Know

Most dogs are friendly and well-behaved, anxious to please, and affectionate companions. It's not unusual for owners to make absolute claims regarding the behavior of their dogs, making statements relating to how their dog never bites or always behaves in a gentle and respectful manner. Though this may be true enough in most instances, dogs are nonetheless animals and therefore capable of behaving in unpredictable ways. A dog can easily be distracted by the presence of another animal, and after deciding to give chase, run into a busy street and cause a car accident.

Admittedly, such a situation may be a rare occurrence, but it could be a distressing happening on a number of levels. If it’s determined that the dog actually caused the automobile accident, then the dog’s owner could easily be held responsible. That may mean financial responsibility, and depending upon the severity of the accident, that could be seriously damaging to a family’s finances. With dog liability insurance, however, the owner has a safe, reliable way to pay for any damages that might be claimed.

Dog Liability Insurance - Inexpensive

Such insurance might be useful even in the event of a smaller mishap, such as a dog nipping a neighbor. Perhaps treatment of the bite might only require a stitch or two, but if the neighbor decides to sue, the dog owner will be very grateful they had the foresight to consider the possible consequences of bringing a dog home.

Dog liability insurance is an inexpensive addition to existing insurance policies. It can help the dog owner hire an attorney, pay for damages, and generally provide a responsible safety net for any incident in which their dog is involved.